Council denies another off road event


Unfortunately, another sporting event has been prevented because of permit red tape. The A4DE has been prevented going head 2 times in 3 years (2017,2019), Sea Lake Mallee Rally hasn’t been able in 2019 and now at a State level (assume the Election Vic and Federal) an event hasn’t been able to proceed. The VORC (Victorian Off-Road Committee) are pretty good at sorting out places to ride and the fact that events have to be postponed means it is a serious issue has to occur to stop an event.

“Hi All Riders, the VORC Committee regrets to announce that Rounds 3 and 4 to be held at Whitfield will NOT be held on the 18th and 19th of May. The Alpine Motorcycle Club has been working closely with their local council to obtain permits for this event and due to unforeseen issues, they will not have the appropriate amount of time to finalise permits before the event date,” stated VORC on Social Media.

“The club have not been able to source an alternative property due to the current land conditions and are now working with the VORC committee to find another possible date. The VORC committee wishes to thank the Alpine Motorcycle Club for keeping us informed and their ongoing determination in obtaining the appropriate permits.
The VORC Committee is currently trying to source an alternate club & property to host the Round on the 18th & 19th May and will inform Riders either way of the outcome within the next 48 hours.” concluded VORC.

Once again KAJX hopes that this situation is a regular occurrence, however one can see a trend building.