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This week RACER X wrote an article regarding CBD Oil and the upcoming Motocross Season and the debate about CBD Oil sponsorship. “MX Sports Pro Racing (sister company to Racer X) announced the product policy for CBD regarding the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Following the same broadcasting guidelines as supercross, CBD logos, brands, and names will not be allowed to be seen or heard on the TV broadcasts. However, teams and riders can accept sponsorship from CBD brands and logos can be displayed at the race track, as long as those logos are not seen on the broadcasts.” (https://racerxonline.com/2019/04/10/lucas-oil-pro-motocross-championship-stance-on-cbd-sponsorship)

Being Australian Ex-Service, the DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) support groups are lighting up with CBD related products for the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, pain management (since World War II there have been 7 days of peace in the world). After the Vietnam Conflict, there have been more Australian ex-defence force people who have died from suicide than in War Time Conflict making people looking for medication alternatives to assist veterans, and CBD Oil is mentioned a lot within Forums and there are specialists available that work with the DVA for the prescription of medicinal use of CBD Oil.

Chad Reed and Dean Wilson are sponsored by a CBD Oil company, Dean Wilson is Ignite not sure what Chad Reed’s company I think it is CBD-MD. Both athletes have had some injury issues over their career, therefore, is CBD oil treatment for pain management and muscle tightness?

A great documentary to watch is ‘A life of Its Own: The Truth About Marijuana’

Laws are changing in Australia for the use of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis it will be interesting what will happen as the wheels of Burocacary are fed with paper and turn very slowly. And it will be interesting what WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) will do, is CDB Oil performance enhancing?

And Four Corners has a great special as well:

The race to riches for Australia’s new marijuana moguls | Four Corners

And also recently Mildura, Victoria has been announced the location for a $130 Million Medical Marijuana farm. “A STATE-of-the-art $130 million greenhouse will be built in Sunraysia to cultivate up to 50,000 kilograms of medical cannabis per year.” http://www.sunraysiadaily.com.au/story/5962384/mildura-set-for-130-million-cannabis-greenhouse/