Jy Roberts hospitalised


Australian MX2 Motocross Athlete and 2019 Series second place holder Jy Roberts has been hospitalised following a training accident on the weekend.

Raceline KTM Press Release:

As many may have heard, Jy sustained a head injury during practice and is currently in John Hunter Hospital Newcastle.

Jy’s family, would like to thank all the people who have been showing amazing support to Jy in this tuff time.

“we are sorry if we haven’t taken your calls, we are solely focused on Jy at this time, we overwhelmed with the support and best wishes Jy is receiving, he is making progress every day and slowly responding to us, we will keep you updated via the team as more news comes to hand” said Jy’s Mum.

“Like the rest of the amazing MX family, we all wishing Jy a speedy and strong recovery, this is a real shame, Jy has been working very hard towards his goals in the MX2 Championship and we can’t wait to have him back at the track with the team” said Team manager Chris Woods.

The Team will all be working extra hard this weekend at Broadford, this weekend will be for Jy.

MotoOnline article:

MX2 contender to miss upcoming national rounds following training incident.

Image: Foremost Media.

Raceline KTM Thor rider Jy Roberts has been hospitalised following a serious accident while practicing at a facility near Mudgee, New South Wales, last Saturday, 6 April.

The 18-year-old sustained a head injury in the incident and was placed in an induced coma by paramedics directly afterwards. He is currently being treated at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Medical staff removed Roberts from his induced coma on Saturday afternoon and at this moment he remains in a self-induced coma, but has been breathing independently. It is understood there have been signs of improvement, however it is currently a waiting-game for him to wake and further scans have cleared his body of any other serious injuries at this point.

Roberts won the opening round of the Pirelli MX Nationals in MX2 at Appin and then finished third at Wonthaggi. Two rounds into the season, the highly-rated teenager sits second in the point-standings during what is his first year as part of the Raceline-operated factory KTM team.

Further information will be posted in due course once made available by the Roberts family.

Head Injuries

A quick KJ explanation non-professional words used, not a doctor or nurse. Your brain is protected by fluid, the fluid is the brains shock absorber. The brain likes to be comfy and functions on its stable waterbed. Whiplash/a hit to the head, what happens is the fluid becomes a sea of waves and the brain gets upset and sets all the alarm bells off as it doesn’t like surfing big waves. The big waves are trapped in the head, like water in a glass that has been shaken it takes a while for the water to settle. The brain’s default mode sets of warnings, neck pain/stiffness, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, trouble sleeping, memory issues, to allow the fluid to settle/reset and return to normal. Issues occur when the waves are too big and actually damage the brain which is soft tissue. The human body repairs itself while sleeping, so medical staff place people in a coma to reduce all the alarm systems the brain has set off and allow the body to repair itself in the least stressful environment possible. This is why when motorcycle athletes have a crash the helmet is checked and/or replaced. The Kurt Caselli Foundation is awesome in looking at safety options for motorcycle athletes if I won Tattslotto they would receive a donation from KJ.