Wonthaggi MXN Racing Commentary πŸ‘Ž


Warning KJ the keyboard warrior, contents may offend people. I have been sitting on this for a couple of days and when I think about it, I still get angry. Aussie Motocross, the self-centred ego that is floating around at the moment is annoying me. Round 1 was a mudder and the comments coming from Todd Waters after his round victory where unprofessional and the background Waters has he should have known better not to say the things he said.

Bring on Round 2, everything from the live visual package was great, until, the moment a commentator steps over the line. Commentators, television announcers should be neutral, they should talk about racing and how awesome it is, but when a commentator decides to say “not the smartest rider in the field” about a rider, to KJ is a personal attack on an athlete, and Geran Stapleton has been around long enough to know better. KJ is not talking about the MXN podcast, which she hasn’t listened too, and have heard of various comments made during the podcast, podcasting is a different area and it is individual opinion makes or breaks a podcast. Live event commentary should be supportive of all athletes, to promote how awesome racing is and for a comment of “not the smartest rider in the field” is unprofessional.

What is extremely frustrating is that some of our top riders are not setting a good example for the future generation of our sport. It is not cool to bag out another rider, and in the case of the comment by race commentator Geran Stapleton was arrogant and a personal sledge. Tomas Raverhorst has just come back from America, competing in his first AMA Supercross, he was unlucky not to make the main due to racing incidents, so why put a rider down? Obviously a personal bias, and that has no place in live racing commentary.

Our riders need to a leaf out of Eli Tomac, Zak Osbourne and Tony Cairoli books, they talk about their competition in a fair manner, even when they have issues with other riders, they don’t sledge their opponent. And racers that make the switch to media need to learn what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. To single out a rider and put them down is unacceptable for broadcast commentary.