Chad Reed and Justin Brayton Injuries


Do it right or not at all Chad. The footage from the AMA Supercross of Chad Reed’s crash is quite brutal, and Chad signalled for assistance on the the side of the track, and now race fans know why.

  • crtwotwoYesterday was fun
    Finally a halfway technical track 
    The whoops were so freaking awesome loved every pass
    Unfortunately a mistake in the main was costly 
    8 broken ribs, broken scapula and a collapsed lung 
    I’m bummed my year comes to an end with 5 to go 
    Thanks @dantruman101 @sheetmetal220staying with me👊🏽
    Thinking of everyone involved 🙏🏼
    I’ll be back!!

Australian Supercross Champion was also injured in Reedy’s crash.

  • justinbraytonWell that was a wild ride!! Thankfully I’m ok. Just very sore and a possible torn MCL/ACL in my left knee. I’ll get everything checked out tomorrow. Thanks for all the messages and support! I’ll give another update when I find out more. Hoping the best for @crtwotwo and @kylechisholm11 as well🙏