Seattle AMA Supercross Result Rigged


KJ is going to be a little bit of a keyboard warrior here, but honestly the result of the AMA Seattle Supercross (23rd March 2019) has to be rigged! Just in case you’ve been out riding all day and missed what happened, in the main event Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin jumped under a waved yellow flag and a waved medical flag. Also in the 250cc LCQ was disqualified because they powered on off the track after being pushed off and rejoined the track at the closest safest spot. Ricky Carmicheal didn’t agree with the call, however, KJ had a chat to WEM Director Kevin Williams last week (basically rang up and ask how the signage and camera gear was after Appin’s Mudd round, and KJ was glad she didn’t have to wash things), the way he explained the Aussie rule for not making an advantage off the track was mint, now I can’t remember it word for word, but it was along the lines of ‘roost flying from the back wheel’ and when people on Youtube fire up with videos that is what you will see with the DQ’ing of the rider, when the rider is pushed off the track there is roost coming from the back wheel which would mean he is accelerating which would classify as an advantage, well in Aussie rules terminology (I assume he would have had a time penalty in Aussieland).

So lets look at the AMA Supercross Rule book about the flags for Marvin Musquin:

4.16 Flags and Lights
It is the rider’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings at all times while on
track. Safety is a main priority and the riders must obey all official signals and directions given to them. Any rider failing to do so may be penalized.

b. Yellow Flag or Yellow Flashing Light:

  1. Indicates serious hazard on or near the track. This includes the sighting or cool down laps.
  2. Passing is allowed.
  3. Proceed with extreme caution

e. White Flag with Red Cross or Red Flashing Light:

  1. This flag or a red flashing light may be displayed at the beginning of a triple jump or a series of jumps.
  2. Takes precedence over all other flags that may be displayed.
  3. No passing is allowed until clear of the incident.
  4. Riders must follow all directions given by race officials in that section.
  5. The riders must do all of the obstacles individually, I.E. NO double, triple, step on/off, etc. until clear of the incident. (well Marv did that, he doubled obsticles)
  6. Riders must exercise extreme caution and not race or accelerate in an unsafe manner until they are clear of the incident.
  7. When used on a triple jump, the area of concern is at a minimum, the whole obstacle, I.E. if a rider is down on the face of the triple or after the first or second jump, you must not jump any section of the triple.
  8. This includes the sighting or cool down laps.
  9. If Race Direction determines that there was a blatant violation of this rule, the penalty for non-compliance will be:
    a. During practice and qualifying, the loss of the fastest lap time during that session.
    b. During Heat, or LCQ races, the loss of number of positions gained plus two additional positions in the final results for that race.
    c. During a Main Event race, if no positions were gained, the penalty will be the points and purse equal to two positions in the final results for that race plus two additional points (Well Marv was awarded the race win and docked series points).
    d. During a Main Event race, if any positions are gained, the loss of number of positions gained plus the points and purse equal to two additional positions in the final results for that race, plus two additional points.
    e. During a sighting or cool down lap, a fine as determined by Race Direction.
    f. If at any time, Race Direction determines that it was not a blatant violation of the rule, a warning or fine may be issued.

So Marv should have been awarded 3rd Place, Roczen should have been awarded the race win. Tomac second. But no AMA/FIM or John Gallagher have decided to dock Marv 7 points and give him the race win. How did this decision come about from reading the rules? All I can say is tune into the PulpMX Show to see what they chat about Mid-Day Tuesday (Australian Time).

Aussie Chad Reed and Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton are not in a great way at the moment both suffering ‘some type of injury’ after going down hard in the opening lap of the main.

AMA Recap: Zach Osborne took the holeshot but Marvin Musquin led the first lap. Chad Reed went down at the start triggering a crash that involved Justin Brayton and others. The medical flags were waving and Musquin jumped through the section. Musquin went on to cross the line first with Ken Roczen behind in second, but the win was very much in question. Musquin would later be penalized 7 points, but keep the win.

It was great to see Dylan Ferrandis win his first Supercross Race. Adam Cianciarulo and Jimmy Decotis completed the 250SX West Coast podium.

AMA Recap: The lead swapped back and forth through the opening few laps as Colt Nichols took the holeshot but Jimmy Decotis led Lap 1. Nichols got the lead back but then crashed out. Subsequently, Decotis retook the lead but then lost it to Dylan Ferrandis, all within the first few minutes. Ferrandis then held the lead for most of the Main, but in the closing laps Adam Cianciarulo reeled him in. However, Ferrandis held on for the victory.