10.8 ELIGIBILITY: GENERAL No person may participate in any competition, other than an Australian Championship, unless and until that person’s protective clothing/equipment and machine have been examined and approved by the Scrutineer for that competition. At the direction of the RCB, self scrutineering at National and Senior State Motocross and Supercross events can be granted upon request to the RCB by the promoter. If granted, a signed checklist that the protective clothing/equipment and machine has been self-scrutineered must be provided to the scrutineer. Information regarding self-scrutineering requirements must be supplied to all competitors in the supplementary regulations At scrutineering, competitors must produce documents or other evidence as required to verify engine and frame identity. The onus of proving that a competitor, and the competitor’s machine and protective clothing/equipment, are eligible to compete, is on the person seeking to prove it. Where any rule prohibits the modification of any machine or class of machines, that machine or that class will be deemed to have been modified if any part or parts thereof have been altered from OEM. In the interpretation of any rule relating to the design requirements for any machine or class of machines, reference may be made to relevant diagrams appearing in these Rules. The same machine may be used across multiple classes, if eligible to compete. Restrictions to the use of a single machine in multiple classes will be specified in supplementary regulations

10.8.1 Senior Grades The grades of competitors in Senior classes are:

a) Pro,

b) Intermediate,

c) Clubman,

d) Veteran,

e) Women.