10.9.1 Supercross Licence Conditions No person may compete in a Supercross race unless they:

a) Are at least 12 years of age,

b) Have a current National competition licence which is endorsed under the following rules. To be endorsed as a Supercross competitor, a person must:

a) Use a solo Motocross-type machine with a capacity of at least 80cc,

c) Attend a Supercross training school conducted by an MA accredited coach,

d) At the conclusion of the Supercross training school, be able to competently display to the MA accredited coach the following:

i) Jump a double jump, which is:

• 8 metres for 85cc 2-stroke/150cc 4-stroke riders,

• 10 metres for 150cc 2-stroke/250cc 4-stroke riders,

ii) Jump a tabletop, which is:

• 8 – 10 metres for 85cc 2-stroke/150cc 4-stroke riders,

• 10 – 12 metres for 150cc 2-stroke/250cc 4-stroke riders,

iii) Ride through stutters at a competitive speed in a straight line,

iv) A sound knowledge of Supercross rules and safety issues as examined by a multiple-choice questionnaire. The coach conducting the assessment under the preceding GCR may endorse the licence of a person as a Supercross competitor. A decision to:

a) Endorse the licence,

b) Refuse an endorsement, or

c) Grant an endorsement conditionally, will have the same force and effect as if it was a decision by a State Controlling Body under GCR 3.1 A person who:

a) Has entered a Supercross competition,

b) Has paid the entry fee for the relevant meeting,

c) Is required to submit to an assessment under these Rules, and

d) Fails to be endorsed as a Supercross competitor at the meeting, is entitled to a refund of the fee. Once endorsed for Supercross, a person retains that endorsement unless:

a) During the course of a Supercross meeting, the Steward or Clerk of Course determines otherwise.