The Pot Calling the Kettle Black of Aussie Motocross Waters Vs Mellross


Okay warning KJ could get a little controversial and why the site is now a blog so I can write stuff like this, well when one is in the mood. The MX Nationals was a mud bath on the weekend (17th March 2019) and KJ was quite glad she was at home with her Pepsi under the air conditioner watching the MX Nationals in her comfy chair, not out in Mother Natures elements and adding Appin dirt to the washing machine.

Please don’t take this as bagging out officials, it is not what it is meant to be about. Many years ago I was watching Rock Star: Supernova as Tommy Lee from Motley Crue was hosting it, one of the contestants, in an interview of contestants as a part of the media section, was talking about other contestants Tommy took some comments from ‘Dilana’ as bagging out ‘Lukas Rossi’ and she lost the show and Lukas Rossi won. What I learnt was there are ways to talk about your opponents and there are ways you shouldn’t. I find the AMA Supercross and MXGP post-race rider interviews are the best examples of what to do. And the fact that Todd Waters comes from this environment means ‘he should’ve know better!’

Todd Waters on the weekend crossed the line in my books, in a post-race debrief with MotoOnline when talking about his opponent Hayden Mellross he used the phrase “taking all these cheater lines.” I think Todd needs to get off his high horse for a moment as he did the same thing, and using the defence of ‘I couldn’t see shit’ just won’t cut it as the NRGTV footage shows that Todd Waters was also “taking all these cheater lines.

Bagging out your opponent in interviews dosesn’t make your opponent look bad, it makes YOU look bad. A better way would have been for Todd, not to mention Hayden Mellross at all, or put it in a manner more neutral, what a rider feels in interviews are awesome for a journalist it is like the ‘jackpot’ comment, but Todd may have bitten off more than he can chew in his ‘cheater lines’ statement, he should have said something on the lines of ‘some lines I thought where questionable.’ Accusing someone of cheating in an interview is not good it is something you do on race day with the appropriate cash and paperwork to the race officials.

Watching the AMA Supercross, you see riders get shunted off the track all the time, and when they re-enter they place a hand in the air, same as the MXGP Cairoli placed his hand in the air in an effort to advise riders his bike had an issue in Argentina recently.


6.1.2 Imposition of Penalties during Events In any event during the course of a meeting, a Steward or Clerk of Course may fine, exclude, impose penalty or time points on, or relegate, any competitor, if:

a) The whole or any part of that competitor’s machine has left the track and thereby gained an advantage, unless such action was:

i) For the safety of other competitors, or

ii) Due to the action of other competitors, 

b) The rider who leaves the track does not continue at reduced speed and re-enter safely at the closest point possible from where they left the track.

c) The competitor has gained an advantage as a result of an unfair start,

d) The competitor has been guilty of unfair or unsafe conduct,

e) The competitor receives outside assistance other than:

i) By a relevant official at the start of an event, or

ii) In the interests of safety,

f) The competitor’s machine is dangerous,

g) The competitor’s machine does not comply with the requirements of these Rules or any supplementary regulations,

h) The competitor has refused to submit to a medical test required by the Steward under these Rules,

i) The competitor, or the competitor’s team, has breached the refueling Rule.

IMAGE: Todd Waters complains that Hayden Mellross was using cheater lines, that is the pot calling the kettle black. In this image, Hayden Mellross is on the track, Todd Waters is on the top part of the grass accelerating as there is roost coming from the back wheel. All in front of a Flag Marshal, I think Todd is lucky not to get ‘nabbed’ on the weekend and should look at his own ‘cheater lines’ before judging others.

Wonthaggi is sure going to be interesting, will Todd Waters win again or will Hayden Mellross use the comments to fuel the fire for dominating race win/s we will all find out March 31st.

MOTOONLINE Comment of Contention (

The conditions were so tough that people were going off the track and even cutting in sections – whether that was intentional or not – but was your opinion on what is probably one of the greater talking points to come out of the weekend?

It was a tricky one – there were points on the track where there were almost lines around every corner or jump, and it formed up from the slower riders getting lapped in the earlier races, so there was a main line on the inside of the track markers. I wasn’t aware of it because I had no goggles on and couldn’t see shit – I was just ploughing straight through the middle. I passed most people like that because they were trying to go into a rut, and I just ploughed through all the mud. When I caught up to Hayden [Mellross], I saw all these lines that he was doing, and I’m jumping all the jumps and doubling the whoops – I caught up to him and he’s taking all these cheater lines and putting a gap on me. I though it was bullshit – you can see on NRGTV that I throw my hands in the air because this dude is just riding the grass everywhere and I’m ploughing through the mud. I kind of got the shits with it, and they (officials) told me they gave him a penalty to him before I even caught up to him. There are points where I would’ve gone off the track, and there are points where other riders did it too – but if you’re going around and taking those lines every single lap, it’s not really fair. The guys behind will probably think ‘I’m gonna’ do it’, but then you’re going to have to disqualify the whole field. I don’t really care how difficult the track is, unless Kevin Williams says ‘hey guys, it’s so muddy we’re going to allow you ride a metre inside the markers and on the grass’ – until then, you’re not allowed to do it, are you? We all make mistakes, and the officials see that and will be like ‘Todd’s gone inside there, we’re gonna’ watch him’, ‘oh he’s done it three laps in a row, we’re gonna’ disqualify him’. The officials don’t jump in when you’ve gone off the track – they get you for continuously going off the track. No one else got done, and that line was pretty deep. There were a lot of people taking it on some places, but most of us were trying our best to stay on the track – I feel like there some trying their best to stay off it.