Update to MA Anti-Doping Policy


Motorcycling Australia (MA) members are advised that MA has released an updated Anti-Doping Policy following consultation with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA). 

Key changes to the MA Anti-Doping Policy relate to the confidentiality requirements surrounding members who are asserted by an Anti-Doping Authority to have violated anti-doping rules. 

Members can view the revised MA Anti-Doping Policy at ma.org.au/licences-rules/rules/anti-doping/

Summary of changes:
•    New Article 7.13 regarding irregularities not invalidating a notice;
•    Amendment to Article 14.1.5 in relation to confidentiality; and
•    Amendment to Article 14.3.1 to include disclosure by a sporting administration body when an athlete is on a provisional suspension.


7.1.3 If a dispute arises between Anti-Doping Organisations over which of them has results management responsibility, WADA shall decide which Anti-Doping Organisation has such responsibility. WADA’s decision may be appealed to CAS within 7 days of notification of the WADA decision by any of the Anti-Doping Organisations involved in the dispute. The appeal shall be dealt with by CAS in an expedited manner and shall be heard before a single arbitrator.

ARTICLE 14.1.5

14.1.5 Confidentiality

Subject always to this Anti-Doping Policy and in particular but not only Article 14.3.1, the recipient organisations shall not disclose this information beyond those Persons with a need to know (which would include the appropriate personnel at the applicable National Olympic Committee, National Federation, and team in a Team Sport) until ASADA, the sporting administration body or other Anti-Doping Organisation has made public disclosure or has failed to make Public Disclosure as required in Article 14.3.

ARTICLE 14.3.1

14.3.1 The identity of any Athlete or other Person who is asserted by ASADA or another Anti-Doping Organisation to have committed an anti-doping rule violation, and whether the Athlete or other Person is subject to a Provisional Suspension, may be Publicly Disclosed by ASADA, a sporting administration body, or another Anti-Doping Organisation only after notice has been provided to the Athlete or other Person in accordance with Articles 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6 or 7.7 and simultaneously to WADA and the international federation in accordance with Article 14.1.2.