Castlemaine MX Club to go forth


Honestly, I was extremely worried about the Castlemaine Motocross Club and didn’t want to see the club close, motorcycling in general needs places for members and future members to ride.

“Tonight we held the meeting at the club to determine if the main roles can be covered to continue CDJMX.

Through much discussion with previous committee members, MV and everyone who attended the meeting, some of the roles are now covered as below. However further volunteers are required to have the remaining roles covered. If you want to put up your hand for a role or for general committee, please get in touch ASAP.

Many hands make light work.

Do not lose your club, volunteer today!


President – VACANT
Vice President – FILLED
Secretary – VACANT
Race Secretary – FILLED
Treasurer – FILLED
Canteen Manager – FILLED
Track Manager – FILLED
General Committee – More positions open for general committee
Media Liaison / Marketing -VACANT

Please note a role can be taken on by more than one person if all parties agree I.e yourself and a friend may like to share the role of President, that is completely fine, at the end of the day we all help each other to do what we love, which is riding bikes, teaching our kids to ride, making friends through a great sport, the list goes on.

This district needs a Motocross Club, please help support the club into the future by putting up your hand and having a go, the mx community will thank-you for it!” announced CDJMX Club Facebook Page.