No Vic MX Title Broadcasts


Back in November (2018) Kendall from KAJX expressed interest in commentating the Junior Victorian Motocross Champions. Today (04 Feb 2019) Kendall was advised that the expression was not needed and that the Management committee had secured a commentator.

Over the years there was never an area to place an expression of interest in broadcasting the live commentary for the State Motocross Championships (podcasting), so KJ never expressed an interest, and there is still no avenue to express interest in broadcasting the commentary.

In all the years broadcasting, KAJX has only been paid twice to broadcast an event which 1 was paid for commentating and broadcasting an Arenacross event run by a club in South Australia and 1 was from the Victorian Motocross Committee were KJ commentated the Victorian Junior Motocross Championship round at Wonthaggi in 2018 where the broadcast was donated. A majority other State Title broadcasts have been funded by KAJX, or in 2018 KAJX asked for fuel donations to continue broadcasting MX State Title rounds.

KJ is happy to donate her time to the sport and happy to pay for food (a basic human function is to eat), it is the fuel costs which are a killer travelling from Northern Victoria. And basically, if the Motocross Committee is going to provide money for fuel then KJ doesn’t see why she donate her time anymore.

So for 2019, it is looking like KJ is attending a few concerts and focusing on State Emergency Service training, then broadcasting Victorian Motocross events, it is a sad moment, however, after donating the broadcast for years it would be nice to receive a bit of gratitude and a helping hand with fuel costs.