Ravenhorst close, but not close enough


Victorian Tomas Ravenhost is competing in the 250cc AMA West Coast Supercross Series, at Round 4 Tomas looked comfortable on the machine and was running up the pointy end in all his racing, however close, but not close enough to make it to the main event. The best thing for Aussie fans is that Tomas does get a mention on the live coverage. When Tomas is able to string everything together he will make the main event.

With a combined Qualifying time of 58.320 placed Ravenhorst in 26th place, which put him in the Heat One. The Heat One was hot and saw Jimmy Decotis take his first Heat win for 2019, Tomas Ravenhorst finished 11th in the heat where the top 9 progress to the main event.

In the LCQ, Ravenhorst was in the action again, narrowly missing a first corner cash, hovering just out of the top 4 which qualify directly in the main, Ravenhorst finished 7th.

The 250cc West series heads to San Diego, California February 2, this will be the round before the series heads East, a 3-week break before an East-West showdown (March 2) the series will then continue March 23 for 2 weeks, then another break before the series concludes May 4 in Las Vagas.