Broadford MX set for revamp


Broadford, that is the State Motorcycling Complex in Victoria. KJ loves the idea of Broadford, everything in one place it is the Bunnings of Motorcycling. Speedway, Dirt Track, Enduro, Road Race, Motorcross and maybe Trials. KJ has written about Broadford in the past and has received a stern talking from Motorcycling Victoria President Mr Rob Mestrom as our opinions differ, which is great to have a difference of opinion, as good old Winston Churchill said: “To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often” and “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” KJs main issue with Broadford is that the Motocross track seems like it doesn’t get much love, doesn’t get used for State Motocross Championships, and in the world of KJ every motorcycle discipline should have their final round at Broadford, it is the State Complex. Sure there are some issues with that, however for things to improve the venue must be used, as in a case of use it or lose it. And the Venue should be an example of what clubs ‘can do’ model, the venue should have the best facilities as it is the STATE COMPLEX and the only way to achieve that is for the venue to gain funds, to gain funds the venue must be used.

KJ has only known of Broadford since the late 1990s, the 500s (World MX Champs) were held there, so have witnessed the demise of the Motocross track since then, sure there has been some highlighted events (new showers, a small revamp now and then etc), but on a whole, the motocross side of things has slowly gone backwards. A bone of contention with KJ is the direction of the motocross track, KJ has never ridden Broadford so this opinion is made from a viewer perspective, and the other way was better. Racing is further slowed in its current direction and more emphasis on a machines horsepower and torque as most of the circuit is uphill, if you have a machine that is a bit tired, well Broadford will finish it off and KJ has seen numerous bikes being pushed back to the pits. KJ understands why the direction was changed, to allow continuous racing, however, it was better to watch racing when the track went the other way.  The second opinion is that the ‘good dirt’ has gone down the hill. Water runs downhill, taking all the loose dirt with it, this is where KJs opinion of need’s a lot done to the motocross track to get it up to a good standard comes from, KJs father has owned and operated an excavator for 30 or so years and to get the good dirt to where it needs to be the cash register bell is ringing ding, ding, ding, machines and manpower cost money and take time, plus have to navigate through the fencing and watering system.

Saturday Morning comes along, having a nice Australia Day Breakfast and surfing what everyone else is doing on Australia Day on Facebook. KJ is pretty buggered after 2 days of 45 plus heat and yesterday was a killer (47+), which has led to a slack Saturday of recovery. A Seymour MX post pops up, there are political issues with Seymour, last time I heard they had been kicked out of their home at Seymour and were working with the council to get the venue back, so in the meantime, they became caretakers of the Broadford Motocross Circuit. Clubs need to be based out of Broadford, Whittlesea and District used to be the caretakers of the motocross, and there are opposing views to why that relationship ended (and why KJ has had a stern talking to, I know what I saw and know what I heard on a particular state title rounds 15 or so years ago), leaving that aside, any club that runs from Broadford should have some type of discount or nill track hire if these are clubs have voluntary work crews and do maintenance on their home track. The road racing circuit is a money winner for the facility and why a lot of ‘coin’ is spent on the area, a case of, it is used so money gets invested. This leads to another issue, maybe political too, back in the day (10-15 years or so) the Road Race area used to complain about the dust from the motocross circuit, motocross isn’t tar based so it will create dust, a bit of a ‘durr’ moment. With the Road Race, the only way to get to the area is to drive past the Motocross Track, and in that creates another issue, as the complex can have different ‘activities’ transpiring on one-day a spectator ticket entry can be an issue, at the end of the day not all people are honest, and some people don’t want to pay for entry and therefore will do or say what they need to get in for free.

Anyway back to the Seymour post that had me saying a line out of the movie ‘Team America’  F*ck yeah! “We promised big things and we are about to deliver.” Stated Seymour MX on Facebook. “There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and multiple hours of meetings, phone calls and conversations as Seymour Mx along with Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex and Protraxx are pleased to announce a much overdue track revamp. [Insert F*ck yeah! here] “This will include reversing the track direction,[Insert another F*ck yeah! here] adding new jumps and bringing in much needed top soil. [Insert another F*ck yeah! here] In doing the track changes we have also managed to secure a round of the MX Nationals on April 14. [Insert another F*ck yeah! here]”The changes will be started in the coming weeks and will be ready for our round of the Northern Regions. We have also negotiated to secure our own canteen to our events so our members will be able to get food and drinks all day. We would like to thank everyone involved in getting these things done, without the countless hours put in by our committee and volunteers none of this would be possible.”

It will be interesting to see what will happen, Broadford used to have a great track watering system (underground pipes etc) plus the fencing and any work is going to be expensive, however, it would be great to see National Motocross Racing back at Broadford and hopefully, State Motocross Racing will return also.

Replace America with Motocross, F*ck Yeah! Video does have swearing, view with caution 🙂