Liam Everts signs a long-term contract with KTM

Image Credit: KAJX COMMUNICATIONS | | @KAJXcommunications @kajx

For those who travelled to Horsham, Victoria (2018 Junior World Motocross Championships) this year would have seen Liam Everts riding, the event looked promising for the young man however the mechanical gods struck and Liam Everts was left devasted and thinking of what could have been, with a fifth-quickest qualifying time and winning the opening the moto, and the end of the year has been a sombre one for the Everts family with Stefan being stuck in hospital (who has started rehab recently), it is nice to hear that the Everts year has ended on a high note.



The beautiful 2018 season of Liam Everts is rewarded by an official agreement with KTM. The Austrian brand has announced today that it has signed a long-term agreement with the youngest of the Everts dynasty.

Liam, 14, is lucky to have the advice of his father Stefan but also his grandfather Harry and his mom Kelly. A strong entourage of great expertise in motocross and 100% dedicated to the young champion. In 2019, Liam will evolve in his own structure and will drive the KTM 125 SX after two seasons in 85cc.

“I am very happy and impatient at the same time,” comments Liam. “I hope we can do beautiful things together. Anyway, we will move forward step by step. Although I have been riding a KTM for a while already, we have just made a long-term agreement and I really appreciate the bike that is particularly suited to my driving style. ”

“Liam comes from one of the biggest families in the world of motocross,” said Robert Jonas, vice president of the KTM Off-Road Department. “It obviously gives him an advantage but it also puts a lot of pressure on him. But we are enthusiastic, especially because of what we have seen so far from him. It is obvious that it has progressed a lot, both in speed and technology, in 2018. This opens up great prospects for the future. “