As a privateer what can you do to better prepare for 2019


The silly season is here and while brands have listed team riders for 2019 what about the rest of the riders? Let’s face it, in factory support and rides in Australia are rare, and when they do come up you need the results on the board to move forward. Realistically brands support riders to make their bike look good for the consumer, and Australia what is raced on the weekend is pretty close to what you’d buy from the factory floor on Monday. 

As a privateer what can you do to better prepare for 2019?

Number 1 would be Diet. To lessen injuries, the body needs to be healthy so be wary of what you fuel your body. Do you want to run pump fuel in your body or do you want to run race fuel in your body? There are dieticians out there that know a lot about food, and what is best for you, most hospitals have a Government funded dietician, you may need a referral from a Doctor (GP) to access the Government program. Drink water and reduce sugar would help anyone.

Number 2 personal Fitness. If you are fit, the body is in prime condition, so reaction time is better, your mental focus is better, and you can train on your own you just need to know your stuff, what exercises are best for motocross/supercross. To save money, just look at any Soccer/Football program, athletes are no muscled out, they trim and nimble.

Number 3 bike set up. Before spending cash on your bike read the manual, set the race sag and do some testing in different conditions. Get to know your bike, what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Setting up your machine for you is the best thing you can do. Sure fellow competitors bikes may look fancy, but are the bikes set up for them? Set up is the key. If the suspension is working well, then the body isn’t getting fatigued, therefore your mind is not distracted and the rider can make the bike do what the rider wants. Stock machines are so great these days and tweaking them from the standard setting is the best way before investing the cash. If you are going to spend money on the bike get the suspension right first, there is no point spending a heap of money on engine work if the power cannot reach the ground because the suspension isn’t working properly. 

To be better at something, you must practice, the best thing in Victoria there are places to practice if your racing club doesn’t hold practice days. And there is a difference between riding and training. In training you are working on your flaws, to improve, it could be your not fast in corners, so you work on your corner speed or you could not handle rutted jumps, whatever your weakness the best thing about our sport that you can improve and there are coaches out there that can help you get better. 

Best wishes to all for 2019, and stay safe over Christmas and New Year.