Mildura the home of Victorian Solo Speedway is set to heat up with the international talent pool growing for the Aussie Summer Racing.

Mildura Motorcycle Club Press Release:

Danish Brothers Jonas B Andersen and Mikkel B Andersen are on there way to Olympic Park Speedway Mildura for the Jason Lyons Solo Trophy on Saturday November the 10th and the Mildura Solo International on Saturday November 25th plus two appearances at the Gillman Speedway Stadium in Adelaide during November.

Both brothers have represented Denmark at International Level in the World Under 21 Championships and European Speedway Championships and …will be handy additions taking on our local international riders in Justin Sedgmen, Jaimon Lidsey and Jordan Stewart.

Jonas and Mikkel both race for Redcar in the British Championship league along side local Jordan Stewart, Jonas also races for Wolverhampton in the British Premiership League.

The Andersen Brothers join British trio Zach Wajtkhecht, Kyle Bickley and Tom Brennan bringing a international flavour to both events.

Massive thank you to Jordan Stewart for getting the Andersen brothers over.

Stay tuned there may be two more exciting signings to come and a test match on the cards!