A little catch up​


It hasn’t been that great at the KAJX Cat Mansion, hence why the delay between posts… For starters, KJ has damaged a disk in her back and trying to get that sorted and the paperwork involved with that, deterioration of a previous condition, plus a furry kitty child crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly.

However, KJ is not the only one with bad luck, New Zealand’s Courtney Duncan has sustained an injury that has ruled her out of the World Motocross Championship yet again. When can this chick catch a break? The World Motocross Championship will come for Duncan if she can stay injury free, and once that initial one is achieved, will lead to a string of championships.

Victorian Cody Dyce has switched to the bigger class for Supercross, I am not sure how this move will go. Dycey is a large lad, however, he did win an MXD Championship, won a Victorian State Motocross Championship this year, and a ninth overall in his rookie MX2 season, with the results not securing him a Supercross contract in 2018 and nothing on the table for 2019. Not sure what to read into this just KJ thinks a rider should receive some support as a reward for winning at State Championship (or are Victorian Motocross Championships snubbed by sponsors?). Dycey knows how to lead motocross races, and win motocross championships, however, he has not completed a supercross race. Cody has purchased an RMZ450 from a local dealer, will skip the first round at Jimboomba as he familiarises himself with the Suzuki and Supercross. KJ has a love-hate relationship with Supercross, loves the discipline, the skill set required to do it well and the rhythm of racing. And technical side of things, a rider has to get their machine on point, otherwise they will are visiting the friendly crew at RaceSafe. Not sure if this is a good move for Cody Dyce, hopefully, it will pay off for and with Ferris out of the picture in the 2019 MX1 will Dycey stay in the big boy class for 2019 Motocross?

Reardon is back for Aussie SX, on a Yammy and a helmet camera. Good to see Readon back, and obviously the supercross practice track is not Motorcycling Australia affiliated, so the helmet camera can be attached to the helmet, and hopefully switched on. The camera will have to be mounted somewhere else for this weekend at Jimboomba.