Junior World Title hunt emanate


For the first time in Australian Team Junior World Motocross Championship competition, there are no passports, no acclimatising to a new country, no worry about shipping a machine or parts of a machine, no learning a different language, it will feel like a normal race weekend packing up the race van and heading to Horsham, Victoria.

One assumes that most of the worldwide competitors have arrived on Australian soil. There have been some photos and mobile phone video’s over the past few days of overseas athletes belting around two strokes on the Aussie soil. And if fans really want to hear a 2-Stroke rev like never before, well you need to be at Horsham on the weekend.

Friday is all about the sign in and technical control (scrutineering) and Rider Medal Ceremony. Saturday is practice two sessions of twenty-five minutes and qualifying. Sunday is World Championship Day.

The World Juniors usually has a video highlights package which is usually released a few days after an event so Aussies can view what they missed out on.

IMAGE: Liam Everts collects his KTM for the World Juniors at Horsham from Victorian KTM dealer Bolton’s of Kyneton.