AUSTRALIA. Transmoto wrote an article this week about the disappearance of the Outright Results from the 2018 AORC (2018 Australian Off Road Championships ). In an interesting scenario, Motorcycling Australia wants fans/media to focus on class results and to control this, MA won’t release Outright results. For KAJX this situation is a bit of “the computer says no,” syndrome as from memory all other enduro/rally competition in the world announce the overall or outright and the class results afterwards while Motorcycling Australia wants to go against the norm and make everyone to focus on class results? I am sure someone is laughing at this revelation, however, it is not a joke at all for MA to restrict focus, to restrict article views has to be harmful to the sport, a sport that has the best riders in the world and now has restricted media coverage.

KJ has been very ill of late, so, unfortunately, a lot of time is spent at home or at the doctors or filling out paperwork for DVA, and in the time KJ is awake, which seems to be in the nocturnal hours and being restricted and the articles one can think of writing, then depression kicks in an nothing written, so it makes it extremely difficult to ‘compute’ how individuals in a paid position don’t produce articles, so what is MA doing? And why have an MA media department? In the KAJX world, the MA Media department should be promoting to mainstream media how awesome motorcycle racing is, instead of when a fan picks up a mainstream newspaper, it is extremely rare to find some motorcycle racing coverage at all, therefore KAJX believes that MA is only preaching to the converted, so how can any new outside sponsorship come to events and athlete if our awesome sport of motorcycle racing isn’t spoken about in the mainstream media.

Congrats to Transmoto for saying something.