No Vics Broadcast this weekend


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Sorry Vic Motocross Fans KAJX will not be at Albury this weekend. The parental unit has been on a well deserved holiday in Europe, a few years in the making and Vline has cancelled train services from Melbourne to Swan Hill and replaced them with a bus service. With my Dad being 6″3 I couldn’t let him ‘enjoy’ the trip from Melbourne on a bus, mum is a shortarse like me so we are all good with our feet not hitting the floor when sitting (ha ha ha). Mum has given me a motopass to go to the races, but just can’t let Mum and Dad put their faith in Victorian Public Transport to Regional Victoria (Citys 200kms plus away from Melbourne). On a positive mum did ask what weekend Hattah was on, so no conflict there like last time a few years back (ha ha ha) Hattah came first.

Good luck to all athletes, enjoy the weekend.