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EUROPE. SDM RACING PRESS RELEASE. Non-stop excitement! This is the only way we can describe the GP in Ottobiano last weekend. For our team, this was their home GP and was set to be a big party weekend with many friends and sponsors coming along to support our guys. And of course the pressure to deliver the goods on track!

It is of course ever rider and team’s dream to win on home soil in front of the home crowd and we were in luck as Roan Van De Moosdijk #39 did exactly that.
The young Dutch rider who, at only seventeen years old, rode his Yamaha YZ250F GYTR to the top spot on the podium and secured his first victory in the European EMX250 Championship at Ottobiano.

Roan has always been fast on sand tracks and on paper Ottobiano was a race where we could do very well. Already at the French GP with Roan finishing in 3rd, he demonstrated fantastic progression, pushing hard for the podium.

In Race 1 Roan started well in the top 5 and soon moved to 3rd and the top 3 riders soon had a good lead over the chasing pack and a thrilling three-way battle ensued with only 1s between them.
Roan held on to a 3rd place finish in Race 1 and had his sights firmly on the podium for Race 2, looking for a repeat of France.  However, a poor start put him back in 16th position early on, making life tricky for him.  However, he dug deep and battled away on the track, gaining position after position lap after lap until he reached 3rd which gave him the overall victory and his first victory in the European Championship.

Nicholas Lapucci #211 also didn’t want to miss out in Ottobiano and despite still not yet recovered 100% from a hand injury he gave everything he had and fought until the end in both races managing 16th in race two, a great condition considering the injury.

Daniele Marchese: “It was a very exciting and important GP for the whole team, Ottobiano’s victory comes after the one of Russia and a third place in France, in a very hard-fought and balanced championship, we are doing a good job with the riders together with David Philippaerts and also from the technical side together with the mechanics who also worked in this GP until late at night to set up the bikes. We are all very happy and excited for this victory and aboveall it was great to have the chance to share all this with our sponsors and friends who, even on this occasion, demonstrare us their affection and for this reason we want to thank them all!”

Exciting!  So we can describe the last GP in Ottobiano over the weekend just past, what for our team’s home race has turned into a big party together with our many friends and sponsors have come to cheer our boys.

One of the best experiences that a team could want is to win a race at home in front of their supporters, this is the gift that made us Roan Van De Moosdijk # 39 on Dutch youngster who, at seventeen, brings his Yamaha YZ250F GYTR on the top step of the podium and took his first victory in the European Championship EMX250 on the Ottobiano track .

Roan has always been fast on sandy soils and the race Ottobiano was on a race card where you could fight for the podium, but already from the race in France, closed in third, Roan has shown a sports and personal growth that helped push even higher on the podium.

In race one, Roan started well in the top five and soon moved into third position and with the first two soon take a good margin on his pursuers and give rise to a beautiful three-way battle that saw them arrive with a gap of a second l ‘from each other. After closing race one third Roan position pointing straight to the podium in race two with the objective to repeat again the result of France, dropped the starting gate but Roan bad part and the first lap passes around the sixteenth position, which makes starting more complicated … but this is where Roan brings out the character and does not give up lost starting to ride perfectly and gaining around positions by lap and achieved the third position that allows him to clinch the overall victory and his first win in the European championship.

He would not miss the home GP also Nicholas Lapucci # 21 1 that, not yet 100% recovered from injury to the hand, did everything to be present at this race and he fought to the end in both heats managing to close sixteenth in race two, positive result given the physical condition of Nicholas which, however, is in continuous improvement.

Daniel Marquis: “It was a very exciting and important GP for the whole team, the Ottobiano victory comes after that of Russia and a third place in France, in a hard-fought championship and balanced, we are doing a good job is with the pilots along with David Philippaerts that from a technical point of view along with the mechanical that even in this GP have worked until late at night in the tuning of the motorcycle. We are all very happy and excited for this win and above all it was great to be able to share all this with our sponsors and friends that on this occasion they did not miss their affection and to whom we send our greatest thanks! “