Why KAJX dislikes Social Media


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Like any technical idea, every idea has excellent intentions, and when Facebook emerged it had grand plans to ‘connect with people’ and for starters it impressive, especially for KJ living in the regional Victoria (KJ was using ICQ, and it was great, and Facebook just wiped the floor with connectivity). Anyway, now Facebook is a world monopoly and what is incredibly frustrating that the system is more focused on revenue than allowing users connectivity and don’t get KJ started on privacy, and after watching “Terms and Conditions May Apply” documentary has made KJ more furious, just seems to be a lot of people talking and no one taking any notice of what is being said.

What frustrates KJ is how lawmakers have this option that if someone sees something they want it, ie. no cigarette or alcohol advertising, for smaller sports such as motocross their injection of funs was invaluable and made the sport prosper, however someone in their wisdom has dicided in Australia that seein a Marlboro logo means that someone will want a cigarette, KJ doesn’t actually believe in this mentality, mainly because I have seen Travis Pastrana drink a Red Bull then jump out of an areoplane without a parachute as Red Bull gives you wings, however, it doens’t make KJ want to jump out of a plane, and seeing a brand logo doesn’t make me want to purchase the product, and the same goes for alcholic beverage brands.

Anyway, Facebook seems to be a platform where everyone can post what they want, as in everyone is talking but really who is listening? Realistically, the only ones are who are really listening and taking notice is the law authorities as something so innocent can be taken in such a negative manner as words can’t express their emotion, an individuals upbringing and morals will determine what context a comment will be read as (so if you are angry, everything you read will be angry, if you are happy everything you read will be happy) and just because you post something on social media doesn’t mean that everyone will see it. An example would be KJ being blocked from Motorcycling NSW Facebook feed, KJ can still view comments, however, the coverage will not display in my newsfeed, KJ has to go to the MNSW Facebook page to read the latest and with everything going and in the theory of KJ going where she is wanted the immaturity of a State Controlling Body blocking something is not on the list to stalk or even follow what is happening, KJ doesn’t have an issue with the comments being deleted, KJ was trying to educate that what MNSW was saying about the Junior World MX Championships was inncorrect and to talk about 1 person in a negative way that has done a lot for Junior Motocross (Rosco Holden) well KJ was going to arch. So who did cover the NSW State Titles, Fullnoise.com.au has a write-up as well as Transmoto.com.au, but go to Motoonline.com.au and there is nothing… Pretty weird as motoonline has coverage of the MX Nationals (Aussie National MX Championships) however being based in the Sydney area the New South Wales State MX Championships are beneath them?

And to be honest, KJ is over the battle between ‘penis’ size between clubs, states, national events is starting to just get too ridiculous. People need to start thinking about what is best for the sport of motocross! If this happened the whole culter of the motocross industry would be different, retail sales would improve and the negative stigma for motorcycling would decrease as people would start to realise that it isn’t just twisting the throttle and the machine doing all the work. As people in MX leadership positions seem to like to use AFL as an example of our sport, growing up in a regional area and playing bitchball (netball) for a successful club and then becoming a football trainer for the same club KJ has a little insight into old school footy, and the way motocross is at the moment event organisers would be complaining that a regional footy match could not be held because the AFL also had a game scheduled.

For people who don’t understand country footy, at every local oval during footy season there is training on a Tuesday and Thursday night, with a contest on a Saturday. And in Kerang on a Friday night, there is something for the kids at the local, think it is AusKick (that didn’t exist when KJ was footy minded). On Saturday there is more than 1 game, U17s (I think they are called Colts these days), Reserves and Seniors (excuse the old school lingo), and if there are 12 sides in an area there are 6 matches around the region. Let us take that model to MX, can MX riders train at night? No, KJ only knows of 1 facility that has lights in Victoria where someone could ride at night on a Tuesday and a Thursday, Horsham is a club that regularly has a Wednesday afternoon ride time (KJ did see another club in Gippsland that had ride time but can’t remember which), and with the way the sport is at the moment there isn’t a race meeting every weekend, so motocross athletes head to the ride parks which seem to be the go on weekends (and quite rightly so when you pay around 10 grand for a 250 you want to able to ride it if you don’t have land, and with lawmarkers being so negtative on motorycles in the bush where are people to ride? Only injured riders have a bike in the shed they can’t ride, otherwise why invest in a machine that just sits not ridden? KJ is also for competition, allow events to clash, that gives an athlete a choice on what event to compete in, and also gives a chance for someone else to be on the podium (share the winning love). KJ would actually like to see a Pony Club/Go Kart model tested in a motocross environment, 1st weekend of every month there is a club meeting.

Anyway back to Facebook, just because a user posts something on Facebook doesn’t mean that it shares the code does simply not allow it. And here comes KJ the hidden geek, with Apple’s new Corporate iOS infrastructure any application has the ability to be blocked. Therefore users will not be able to access, let’s say a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc) on a Corporate Phone, and if you the whole reason you are posting on social media is to gain sponsorship it is the corporate sphere a user would like to entice and with social media platforms blocked how can a social media user promote themselves, put simply they can’t.

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