Marchetti Racing Kegums race report


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EUROPE. After two weeks of break, the Marchetti-KTM Team took part in the seventh round of the 2018 motocross world championship, the Grand Prix of Latvia, which was hosted by the sandy Kegums track, located a hundred kilometres from the capital Riga.

Excellent start in qualifying for Benoit Paturel (KTM 450 SX-F) who in the early laps occupied sixth place. In the continuation of the race, he lost some positions ending the fourteenth. Much misfortune for the strong French rider in the first heat, who finished at the twenty-fifth place while in the final one he was forced to retire due to a physical decline.

Despite a crash at the start, Josè Butron (KTM 450 SX-F) managed to finish the qualifying with an encouraging seventeenth place. Excellent performance in the two heats, which the Spaniard has closed respectively in thirteenth and twelfth position. José has always managed to start among the first and remain in the group of the best for a good part of the race. Thanks to these performances he managed to finish in twelfth place in the day.

Good qualification for Morgan Lesiardo (KTM 250 SX-F) in MX2 where he reached the eighteenth position. Eighteenth and nineteenth in the two heats, the Como has confirmed the good feeling with the Latvian track gaining 5 points and the nineteenth absolute position at the end of the day.
In the third test of the EMX125 Alessandro Facca (KTM 125 SX) had direct access to the qualifying heats thanks to the twelfth time obtained in the test. Unfortunately, in the two races Alessandro has never managed to express himself at his best due to the hardening of his forearms that did not give him respite and he got a twentieth and a twelfth place in the heats.
Next weekend the Marchetti-KTM Team will take part in the eighth round of the 2018 world which will be hosted by the Teutschental track in Germany.

Benoit Paturel: “Saturday I started off well in the qualifying session and after having occupied for some laps the sixth position fell physically ending in the fourteenth. Unfortunately, I ran out of training on sandy soils and in Kegums I was not able to achieve the results I was hoping for. In the first heat I felt good but after a crash, I lost the rhythm and I finished twenty-fifth. In the second it went even worse and I preferred to retire so as not to run into any injury. I’m really sorry for how this GP went, I feel I can and must do better. During the week I will work hard to get a good result in Germany “.

José Butron: “I’m really happy with the results I obtained in this Grand Prix. Already in qualifying, I felt good and despite the fall at the start I managed to reassemble up to eighteenth place. In the first heat I started really well and during the race, I gave my best and managed to finish thirteenth. In the final race, I started second and I stayed in the top ten for a good twelve laps. In the end, however, I suffered a bit ‘of fatigue but I managed to improve my previous placement by closing twelfth. Thanks to the support of the team I managed to improve my performances and I am sure that in the next races I will be able to confirm myself at these levels “.

Morgan Lesiardo: “Saturday went quite well and in qualifying, I was able to start in the first ten. After fifteen minutes, however, I dropped physically and I finished eighteenth. In the first heat I started badly but thanks to the good pace I had I recovered until the eighteenth place. Also in the second my start was not very lucky but once again I managed to get back up to the seventeenth position. In the final laps, I felt the fatigue and I crossed the finish line at the nineteenth place. I’m happy for the improvements made to the bike and my driving that allowed me to express myself better in the race. ”

Alessandro Facca: “In the time trials I got the twelfth time of my group. In the first heat I started fifteenth but after a few laps my forearms have hardened and I was not able to drive loose finishing twentieth. In the second I started well and I was in seventh position for a good part of the race. Unfortunately, in the final, I was still affected by the fatigue and I slipped up to the twelfth final place “.