ENDURO GP: Paddock News Iberian Tour


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EUROPE. The 2018 Iberian tour offered the FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship riders two very different races thanks to the weather; from the rain and mud in Santiago de Compostela in Spain one weekend, to the heat and dust the following weekend to Castelo Branco, Portugal! We look back on a two-week tour full of emotions and surprises…
Official Visit
On the occasion of the Spanish Grand Prix, we had the honour of welcoming the Sports Director of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), Fabio MUNER. MUNERwas able to spend time with everyone in the paddock – be it the riders, the managers, the organisers or the promoter – throughout the weekend… just like the Vice-president of the FIM, Jorge VIEGAS, who visited us in Castelo Branco and was able to hand over the first prize trophy to Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna).
Special Convoy
In order to bring the Enduro a little closer to the historical city, and to make the Santiago de Compostela city known to the stars of the Championship, Jose CANDA, the organiser of the GP of Spain, decided to put together a special convoy with all the riders. This group left from the paddock and rode to Praça do Obradoiro, famous for being the end point of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route… The media were able to take advantage of this to make a beautiful ‘family photo’ in the middle of the square. A great initiative which combined Enduro with tourism and history!
Top Kiwi
Nobody really knew the level of Hamish MACDONALD (Sherco) when he announced his participation in the Iberian tour. But it soon became clear that the New Zealander was able to make a name for himself among the youth categories during these two weekends. Indeed, the Sherco rider is currently 3rd in the Youth 125cc category, tied on points with withHugo SVARD (SF – Husqvarna). Although he did not get on the podium during the weekend, MACDONALD took two very strong 4th places. In Portugal, the Kiwi joined the Juniors and, despite having to abandon the first day due to mechanical problems, he still went for the Top 15 Junior 1 with his Sherco 125 SE-R. While his participation in the next GP is not yet confirmed, we hope to see him fight for the title Youth 125cc at the next Grand Prix in Estonia…
Super Test Live
Launched last year at the final race in Zschopau (Germany), ABC Communication now regularly broadcast the two-hour Akrapovic Super Test on Friday night LIVE on Facebook! This Live coverage was fervently followed by fans of EnduroGP, both in Spain and Portugal, and the viewers were able to witness the double of Alex SALVINI as well as the return to competition of Mathias BELLINO (F – Honda). This Live Facebookcoverage of the Akrapovic Super Test can be enjoyed at every round for the rest of the season…
Medal of Honour
At the Polisport GP of Portugal, the Escuderia Castelo Branco put in a lot of hard work to ensure this third round of the season was much more than just a race… Indeed, the team of Nelson CORREIA and Helder ESTEVES organised drinks and canapés for all the riders in the Town Hall, where the mayor of the town presented the 2017 EnduroGP World Champion Steve HOLCOMBE with the Medal of Honour of Castelo Branco. But that’s not all, they also planned a great fireworks display after the Akrapovic Super Test, and a concert near the paddock at the Alegro Shopping Center on Saturday evening. All these extra features added a great atmosphere and really enlivened the GP of Portugal!
Brazilian Connection
Although he was not able to participate in any GPs in 2017, the great Brazilian prospect Bruno CRIVILIN (KTM) was back this year! In difficulty in the mud of Spain, 13/13 in Junior Scratch and 8/8 in Junior1, the rider from Belo Horizonte showed all his talent in Castelo Branco! Indeed, CRIVILIN took 5th place in Scratch and 4th in J1 on Saturday, before losing out a little on Sunday (10th in Junior and 5th in J1). However, he is hovering around the Top 10 in Scratch and is only 2 points away from the fourth place of Theo ESPINASSE (F – Sherco) in Junior 1…
And he will have the opportunity to improve even further as he has also planned, with his manager Carlos Augusto CONSTANTINO, to come to Estonia in early June! For his part, his compatriot Patrik CAPILA (Yamaha) had more difficulty at his first participation in the World Championship scoring just three points on Saturday in Portugal…
A Super Test to End Them All?
A plan proposed a few years ago by the promoter was the idea of running the Super Test at the end of each race day. Thanks to the Escuderia Castelo Branco, ABC Communication, and the FIM this plan came to fruition on Saturday and Sunday afternoon in Portugal. It was successful and very intense as the final results came down to this very last special stage on both days, culminating in Alex SALVINI‘s fantastic come-back on Sunday night, when he came out on top in this Super Test to win the overall EnduroGP! All this was LIVE on Facebook with a mini-podium for the top riders in front of the big crowd at the test! This idea, having been approved, should be planned again for the Grand Prix of Estonia in less than a month…