AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA. MOTORCYCLING VICTORIA has issued the following article, I suppose, in an effort to reduce the ‘bitchyness’ and if people actually read the information correctly this wouldn’t need to have been written. In a way, it does prove who reads event supp regs and who does not, while also defining who can be educated (someone willing to change their view once facts are presented) and who doesn’t care about the sport only themselves profiteering from the sport.

“The facts about the Horsham MX Amateurs event

  1. This is an Open event and all National licensed riders are welcome to enter.
  2. Junior riders wishing to be considered for inclusion in the World Junior squad do not need to do this event.
  3. Selection of the Australian team will be made with results from 2017 AJMX, 2017 MX Nationals, 2018 State Championships and other Open events.
  4. To be considered for the World junior squad you must complete the Motorcycling Australia EOI form which you can get HERE.
  5. This event gives an opportunity to ride the Horsham track with the FIM format races.
  6. Will this be another great Horsham event, Sure will

Below is further information on the Horsham MX Amateurs event

Horsham will once again host its annual MX Amateurs event on the Victorian Labour Day long weekend on March 10th and 11th.

The Feature Senior race taking place on Saturday, will once again be the Bronte Holland Memorial 125 cc Cup which is run in memory of the much loved HMCC club member which has been instrumental in resurrecting interest throughout Australia in 125cc senior racing.

Bronte (Hurricane) Holland was one of Australia’s most successful juniors, who trained under the Holland philosophy of “if you want to be fast you have to travel to race the fast racers”.  So, most weekends of the year were spent on the road searching out where the best young juniors in the land would be and racing them.

Motorcycling Australia has given an exemption from certain Australian rules to allow the running of classes under FIM regulations.

This allows some unique racing experiences for riders

  • Who will still be 17 at the end of 2018 will be able to compete as juniors
  • Practice and Qualifying will take place on Saturday with the Bronte Holland Memorial 125cc Cup being the Feature races of the day
  • Sunday will see the MX Junior events take the mantle of the Feature races for that day.
  • Long races eg. 125cc race = 25 minutes + 2 laps, 85cc = 20 minutes + 2 and 65cc = 12 minutes +2
  • Allow for the use of pit boards in the designated on-track Pit lane throughout the event for the mechanic
  • Allows for mechanical assistance in the on-track pit lane for adjustments as necessary
  • Dedicated pit area for MX Junior competitors if they wish to get to know each other

Sup Regs. can be found HERE” Motorcycling Victoria.