ATV MX Nationals 5-7 October 2018


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AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. It is with great excitement that Quad Riders of WA and Collie Motorcycle Club announce that preparations for the highly anticipated 2018 ATV MX Nationals in October 2018 are underway.

The Honorary Minister for Sport and Recreation Mr Mick Murray has accepted an invitation to officially open the 2018 ATV MX Nationals Event and be present to award trophies at the trophy presentations at the conclusion of the event.

The Collie Motorcycle Club’s Stockton Park circuit is located on Piavinnini Rd, about 7km east of Collie and adjacent to Stockton Lake.

The Stockton Park circuit consists of sand, gravel and clay is approximately 1.8km long and would be regarded as a reasonably technical track, as a competitor you can expect to be challenged by the Stockton Park track!

The ATV MX Nationals will be held over three days from Friday 5th October 2018- Sunday 7th October 2018 and will bring an increase of visitors to the region in coming months. As this is a national event competitors, their support crew and families will head to Collie to get as much practise in as possible leading up to the ATV MX Nationals.

The week of the event will see an even bigger increase of visitors to the region as people head to Collie from all over Australia to compete, support or spectate at this spectacular event.

Organised motorcycling activities have existed in Collie since the early 1920s when the first Collie Motor Cycle Club was formed. This was a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts which lasted in various forms through to the advent of the war.

The immediate post-war years saw an increase in the popularity of the motorcycle as a means of transport due to fuel shortage, the economy and the availability of ex-army surplus machines, so it naturally followed that the Motor Cycle Club was reformed and in 1947 it was decided by the members to affiliate with the Western Australian Motor Cycling Association.

As we head into 2018, this will bring us 49 years since our last Australian Titles being held in Collie. The Collie Motor Cycle Club looks forward to working with the Quad Riders Club of WA on this great event for Collie.

The Quad Riders club has confirmed that the Best of the Best will be racing at this event, therefore, the excitement is already growing.  Everyone involved is looking forward to meeting the visitors from all over the country that are making the trek to Collie for this year’s ATV MX Nationals.

Both clubs are gearing up for some world-class racing and expecting large crowds of supporters and spectators to come to the event. This will present some great promotional opportunities for the local region and a boost for many local businesses.

Luke Gaisford, who has travelled the world competing and won multiple state and national ATV Quad Championships, is stoked that the with the news and said “I am excited that the Nationals are back in my home state this year, giving my great sponsors and family the opportunity to see me compete at the highest level in our country”.

“I hope by having nationals held in WA, it allows for many people to get out and race and become involved within the sport.”

Motocross is a family activity and one of the most exciting features is an opportunity to camp out at the track with family and friends!

Alternatively, the township of Collie has many accommodation options only 7 mins away from the track and we encourage participants to shop locally.

See you trackside 5-7 October 2018

Contact for more details Lorene Soltoggio 0407575949 or President Michael Harcourt 0431 530 381or email

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