KJs Moral Dilemma


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I have always loved science, I love chemistry too, however, in year 10 of high school I had a crazy arse teacher and knowing that she also taught year 11 and 12 chemistry, well, I wasn’t putting up with her bs especially as she poured hydrochloric acid over my hand in an educational age where it was already watered down but still stung a little.

I feel like I am in a Doug Anthony Allstars stage performance questioning moral dilemmas “You’re a young and upwardly mobile merchant banker. Your girlfriend has just fallen pregnant. You think a child at this point in your career could be detrimental to your future career prospects. You have… a coat hanger.” I am in a moral dilemma.  We have an international agency that is supposed to, hmmm, protect the integrity of competitive sport and the system is flawed. When so much money can be earned in a sporting career, even if you hate needles, and injecting a substance can make you a million dollars, an athlete is going to build up the courage to inject. I wonder what would happen to competitive sport if payments where capped, as in an athlete can only make so much money per season and once that cap is reached, that is it, and the money figure was the same all over the world, would we need a drug testing agency?

Recently, I was awoken by the film ‘Icarus’ it running length is two hours and oh my what an interesting two hours! “Filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller. Dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic gold are all part of the exposure of the biggest scandal in sports history.” If the system is so flawed, then why keep using the system. Australian laboratories are some of the best in the world when it comes to cancer research. Locally when I go for a blood test, the company that owns the laboratories is China-based. Locally, all the good ‘vampires,’ nurses, have lost their jobs because they are highly skilled and the Chinese company doesn’t want to pay the higher wages, so the community in Swan Hill needing tests completed are done by butchers or less experienced staff that have done a quick course in taking samples, to the point where I refuse to get blood tests in Swan Hill as I know I have hard to find deep viens and the back of my hands are covered in scars from unexperianced people going for a stab. With Australia’s historic backbone built on the foundation of competitive sport where beating a much-loathed opponent is like a battlefield victory, how can spectators watch a sport that is chemically enhanced? To watch a person make something look easy, to me equals skill, hours of commitment, sacrifices made to be that brilliant, however after watching the Icarus Documentary, yeah, doping athletes still put in the work, however, the results are much more noticeable after being on a doping program for two weeks, if the drugs where not so ‘good’ to see an improvement, then I suppose people wouldn’t do it, and when a victory paycheck could make the difference of social comfort anyone would at least investigate a dope program for an advantage. 

The Supercross and Motocross sport has had 4 positive tests 2 for Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD treatment (prescription) drug which is ingested for 2 Supercross Athletes, and 2 Motocross Athletes for Ostarine which is also ingested, which is available in the USA, in Australia it is an illegal substance which requires a special permit to bring into the country, however with websites such as Ebay it would look extremely easy to import a product that contained Ostarine, and yeah I’d love to get my hands on some Ostarine for my knee, a steriod like substance with no side affects hell yes sign me up! It would also help the government as I am waiting for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to approve six cartilage injections which are a grand a stab, instead of under a hundred dollars for a 2-month Ostarine tablet, which is designed to burn fat oh my gosh I would be buff, fit and have a stable, non-painful knee! And if I could get my doctor to write a script, I am in!

All jokes aside though, the human body is a complex machine that the world has not fully investigated. How do we know that performance-enhancing drugs do not cause a certain disease in 20 years time? In a throwaway society and a younger generation that lives for the now, I wonder what would happen if everyone took, hmm, let’s say… Ostraine and Adderall, would it reduce the amount people choosing to take a backyard made drug such as ICE? If the World Anti-Doping Agency testing can be so easily tampered with/cheated, and not all drugs can be tested than the system has lost credibility, and with a system that has lost credibility why be a member? Why not just use the Police system for testing for recreational drugs and alcohol? Why bother with WADA for non-mainstream sports, local, regional competition as to know a doping program is very technical to the point where if people want to cheat they will cheat, maybe society should build stronger morals so that people have a conscience and have integrity where a low act such as doping is not supported by a large paycheck.

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